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Have GDPR translated into German

The translator at fh-translations.com is the person to contact if you need your GDPR translated into German. He will provide you with legal translations that are highly advantageous for your web presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is because clearly defined and unambiguously worded texts create the necessary transparency to convince new customers and business partners of your company. 

German GDPR (DSGVO) for more transparency in German-speaking countries

A website needs a German Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) because it collects and processes personal data. The GDPR is an EU regulation that governs the protection of personal data in the European Union. It applies to all companies that process personal data of EU citizens, regardless of whether they are located inside or outside the EU.

If a company wants to translate the GDPR into German, all information is provided in German that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers or IP addresses. German translation is an ideal tool in this regard if your website processes personal data and you want to provide German website users with clear and transparent information about how their data is collected, stored and used.

The privacy statement is an important part of GDPR compliance. This statement should tell users what personal data is collected and used. Have the privacy statement translated into German, disclose to your German partners and customers what rights they have to control their data. A well-translated privacy policy should also indicate how users can access, update or delete their data.

The professional version of the GDPR in German

The translation agency fh-translations.com has made a name for itself in the translation industry through legal translations. It has been working in this profession for more than 15 years and produces high-quality translations for its clients. In addition to translations into German, it also produces texts in English, Italian, Spanish and French.