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Legal translation into French

The fh-translations.com translation agency is the one to contact if you need a legal translation into French. A professional French translator will take care of your legal documents in order to achieve a good translation of the text into French. In doing so, discretion and confidentiality is one of the top maxims of your legal language expert.

French translation in the field of law and jurisprudence

Whoever orders a legal translation into French wants to have an existing legal text translated into French. These are documents dealing with law and justice or legal matters. As a rule, different forms are expressed:

  • Laws: Written rules adopted by a legislature that establish binding rules for the conduct of persons or institutions.
  • Ordinances: Regulations adopted by executive authorities that specify the details and requirements of laws.
  • Judgments: Decisions made by courts in litigation concerning the interpretation and application of laws or regulations.
  • Interrogations: questioning a suspect or witness to gather information about a crime or offense.
  • Contracts: Agreements between two or more parties that establish rights, obligations, and terms for a transaction or collaboration.
  • Terms and Conditions: General terms and conditions that set out the legal terms and conditions for the use of services or products.
  • Legal Opinion: written assessment and interpretation of legal issues or matters.
  • Statutes: Rules and regulations adopted by local governments that establish rules and regulations in a particular region or community.
  • Minutes: records of official meetings, negotiations, or decisions that may have legal implications.
  • Indictments: written documents in which charges are brought against individuals or companies.

Good legal French translations are always created according to the context in which they will be used. This is because there is a wide range of legal texts that deal with various legal matters. A professional French legal translator should always be aware of the use of the new text during his work. He or she must work precisely and extremely accurately and, if possible, not allow any of his or her own interpretations of the source text.