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Legal translation into Spanish

The fh-translations.com translation agency: for legal translation into Spanish. Rely on a professional Spanish translator who can offer high added value to companies, lawyers and courts. Have your documents, contracts, court decisions, patents, legal texts and legal documents translated into Spanish. Discretion and confidentiality is one of the top priorities of the language expert for law and legal.

Spanish translations of legal texts

Whoever orders a legal translation into Spanish wants to have an existing legal text translated into Spanish. These are documents that deal with law or legal matters. The following texts will be handled by a professional translator:

  • Laws: Written rules adopted by a legislature that establish binding rules for the conduct of persons or institutions.
  • Regulations: Regulations adopted by executive authorities that specify the details and requirements of laws.
  • Judgments: Decisions made by courts in litigation concerning the interpretation and application of laws or regulations.
  • Interrogations: questioning a suspect or witness to gather information about a crime or offense.
  • Contracts: Agreements between two or more parties that establish rights, obligations, and terms for a transaction or collaboration.
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: General terms and conditions that set out the legal terms and conditions for the use of services or products.
  • Legal Opinion: written assessment and interpretation of legal issues or matters.
  • Statutes: Rules and regulations adopted by local governments that establish rules and regulations in a particular region or community.
  • Minutes: records of official meetings, negotiations, or decisions that may have legal implications.
  • Indictments: written documents in which charges are brought against individuals or businesses.

Legal translations also require careful review and proofreading to ensure the translation is accurate and consistent. Errors in a legal translation can have serious repercussions. Therefore, a professional Spanish translator and editor should always be hired to create legal texts that are familiar with the legal requirements and cultural differences of the target country. A localization takes place, which creates the appropriate local target text from the source text.

The correct translation of legal content

A legal translator deals with the translation of texts with legal content. This can involve a large number of documents that are used in different contexts.

This includes all types of contracts that play an important role in international business life. Because they are binding agreements between two or more parties that usually set a specific legal framework. Contracts that can be translated include rental agreements, purchase agreements, employment contracts and license agreements.

Whoever translates in this area has to deal with different legal texts on a daily basis. This involves documents and papers that report on regulations, clauses and guidelines. Legal translators must ensure that they are familiar with the relevant legal vocabulary and that their translations are correct and accurate.

Court documents are related to court proceedings and contain judgments, complaints and testimonies. The translation requires particularly precise work. Because the slightest deviation from the original meaning can lead to a wrong interpretation.

Translating business communication is the daily work of a professional language mediator. These are usually patent applications, financial reports, financial statements, accounting, balance sheet and compliance reports.

A legal Spanish translator has an extensive vocabulary in the source and target languages. He or she knows the complex legal concepts of the target culture. Because thorough knowledge of the legal system and the specific laws covered in the documents is essential to be able to produce an accurate translation.