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Have texts created

Whether advertising texts, web texts, product descriptions or SEO texts for selected websites, at fh-translations.com optimized text creation is guaranteed to make every message and communication a success.

An experienced copywriter knows how to design a concept that invites the reader to act (call to action). This is because he or she is writing for a certain target group that is looking for information based on a specific need. A good text can sell a certain image, which in turn leads to higher sales, better market positioning and greater customer loyalty.

How does a professional copywriter write his advertising copy?

Target group analysis: A professional copywriter knows his target group and understands their needs. He analyzes their wishes and interests as well as their language use and communication behavior so that he can create a target-oriented and effective text.

Research: A professional advertising text always deals with a specific topic. Therefore, the copywriter tries to get an accurate picture and a broad overview of what is to be written. This includes reading professional articles, studies and other relevant sources.

Structuring: The clearer the structure of an advertising text, the easier it is to convey the core message to the consumer. The reader is guided quickly through the text and is given the most important information in a way that is easy to understand.

Writing style: An experienced web copywriter chooses a writing style that suits the target group and the topic. After all, it is an appealing and concise writing style that captivates readers and encourages them to read on.

The structure of a good advertising text

A web page that is not clearly structured is quickly clicked away. After all, how should the user find his way around? Therefore, there are 6 small but important aspects to consider, so that the reader can quickly and conveniently find the information he is looking for:

  1. Headline: The headline is always the first thing that catches the eye of the potential customer. Therefore, it should immediately address the topic and not be too long. It should be quick and uncomplicated to attract the reader’s attention and motivate him to continue reading the rest of the text.
  2. Introduction: Its purpose is to increase the reader’s interest and present the benefits of the advertised product or service. Questions are also often asked here or problems are raised in order to arouse the reader’s interest.
  3. Core statement: The core statement should briefly and concisely describe the offer of the advertised product or service. Here, the advantages and features of the product or service are discussed in order to make the benefits clear to the customer.
  4. Argumentation: Good arguments stabilize uncertain customers. Therefore, more information and facts are presented to support the customer’s decision and motivate him to buy the product or service.
  5. Call to action: it is also popularly called “call to action” in marketing and is the most important part of the advertising text, as it invites the reader to perform a certain action, such as buying the product or signing up for a service. This type of text should always include a clear structure with clear instructions so that the reader quickly understands what to do.
  6. Conclusion: At the end of a text, the positive idea of the presentation should always be repeated again. Here, the copywriter can also refer to guarantees or other benefits in order to achieve a high level of customer loyalty.