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Translation agency for French

At fh-translations.com you have found your French translation agency. We create high-quality texts for companies, government agencies, private individuals and freelancers. The customer receives high-quality French translations that meet his requirements and wishes. Trust in relevant texts by an experienced translator!

What exactly is a translation agency?

A French translation agency is a language service provider that offers professional translations from a foreign language into French and vice versa. The agency usually employs translators who are specially trained and have a lot of experience translating texts from one language to another. Translation agencies can translate various types of texts, including documents, business documents, contracts, websites, marketing materials and the technical documentation.

Translation agencies can also provide more advanced services. These include proofreading, editing, terminology management and custom text creation. This ensures that the translated texts are accurate and professionally produced.

How can a French translation be ordered?

Here are the steps a translation agency usually goes through to complete an order:

  1. Request: the client sends the translation agency the text or document to be translated via email.
  2. Text analysis: the translation agency analyzes the text, determines the source language and verifies the feasibility of the translation.
  3. Quotation: It then prepares a quotation based on the scope of the project, the difficulty of the text, the deadline and other factors.
  4. Translation work: once the client accepts the quote, the translation agency begins translating the text by an experienced French translator who has a perfect command of the target language and the subject area.
  5. Quality control: The translated text is then checked by a proofreader. This ensures that the text is correct and free of errors.
  6. Delivery: The translated text is then delivered to the client by e-mail or post within the agreed deadline.

Range of services of a translation agency of the French language

  • Translation: First and foremost, of course, the translator deals with the French language. It is his daily business. In addition, he is interested in advanced training and travels to French-speaking countries for possible interpreting activities.
  • Localization: This involves adapting the text to a specific cultural and linguistic environment in order to reach the appropriate target audience. A translation agency specializing in French can adapt the text to the French culture and language.
  • Terminology management: A professional translation agency focuses on the management of specialized terminology and its use in French translation. Special terminology databases are created in order to provide consistent use of technical terms and a homogeneous translation.
  • Layout editing: In many cases, the layout of the translation should not differ from the original. Consequently, it must be ensured that the translated text is also visually appealing. This involves integrating the translated text into the design and layout of the original document.
  • Language consulting: Many companies seek advice before commissioning a translation into French. The translation agency fh-translations.com offers individual services for this purpose, including the actual translation, further text creation and the development of marketing concepts.