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French translator

Are you looking for an experienced French translator? Then you have found your competent partner at fh-translations.com! The implementation of hundreds of French translations allows the creation of French texts that have impeccable grammar, syntax, stylistics and linguistic culture. Rely on a language expert who translates many business sectors.

Who needs a professional French translator?

  1. Businesses: Business people who operate with French-speaking clients, companies or business partners need a French translator to translate their websites, marketing materials, contracts and business documents.
  2. Legal institutions: Law firms, courts or judicial authorities often need a translator or interpreter to have legal documents such as contracts, judgments or legislative texts translated into French.
  3. Medical facilities: Hospitals, clinics or medical practices may require a French translator to have medical documents such as patient records, insurance claims or medical studies translated.
  4. IT industry: Due to the international exchange in the technology industry, many translation requests come across the desk of a French translator. These usually involve the translation of software, applications, strategies or technical manuals and handbooks.
  5. Media and publishing: Newspapers, magazine publishers, radio or television stations often need a French translator to produce articles, broadcasts or news translations.
  6. Government agencies: Municipalities, cities, the German Foreign Office or the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees are offices that work closely with French translators to produce official documents or translations for their employees or the public.
  7. Private individuals: Private individuals may need a French translator to translate, for example, letters, documents, rental agreements, sales contracts, leases, or texts they need for personal purposes.
  8. Job placement: A job seeker may need a French translator to translate, for example, application documents such as a resume, cover letter or references. This way, he can showcase his qualifications and experience in the local language and increase his chances of being hired.

Rely on expertise and experience and commission an experienced translator for your projects. The translation service fh-translations.com has been in the translation business for more than 15 years. During this time, it has made a worldwide name for itself through trust and discretion. High quality and an optimized translation process are essential guarantees of success for international companies.